Everyone dreams of owning their own customized home with the right amenities and design that suits their taste and preference. With the right builder and proper planning, you can make your custom home a reality. There are many things that one needs to consider when planning to build a home. But the first order of business is to choose a qualified home builder once you have decided the area and know which property you are going to be using. Here are top tips to make sure that you can fulfil your dream of building a custom designed home for yourself.


One of the first things that you need to do is research. Drive around and explore your neighbourhood to find the homes that look well built and robust. Talk to the homeowners and get contacts of their builder. Ask homeowners about their experience with the builders and how they fared on delivering planned work. A builder is likely to show you a few houses that they may have built but it is not necessary that they may have a good rapport with all the homeowners.

Decide what you want

Once you look at many homes, you may have decided what you want in your home. Consider your budget and plan the amenities and make a list of things that you want in your new home. In most likelihood, you may not be able to incorporate every feature or improvement that you saw in some other home. At the same time, your builder may also not be able to include every feature that you saw in someone’s home in your budget. Set realistic expectations of what you want in your dream home and choose a builder who is capable of delivering them.

Design capabilities

It is essential to find a builder who has design capabilities and to involve them in the designing stage. Firstly, this helps to establish what can and cannot be achieved by the builder in terms of budget and capabilities. Secondly, it helps in taking cognizance of any additional logistics or costs that may occur to fulfil specific design elements. Moreover, with established connections between the builder and the designer or the architect means that the operating dynamics within your home building team becomes more efficient as everyone is on the same page.


Whether it is the cost or the work order, your builder must be able to give you a detailed breakdown of at least the estimates that are realistic and fairly accurate. Once the design is finalized, your builder has to be in a position to determine what the project will cost. He must be able to give you this costing prior to beginning the work. The same way a builder also needs to list out his detailed tasks and associated extra costs if any prior to his work. After all, you do not want to be struggling with the project design changes or stall the project because the costs are no longer affordable.

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