Laminate flooring has become a popular choice for many homeowners thanks to its attractive appearance, easy installation process and low cost. The one issue, however, is whether laminate flooring is suitable for damp locations such as the basement and bathrooms, and if they can handle moisture and water.

The reason they are not as durable when it comes to wet areas as other flooring options is because of the materials laminate is made of. The core is made of fibreboard and when that material comes into contact with water, it bubbles up and crumbles and cannot stand up against moisture. What makes it even more difficult is the click and lock connecting system. While this aspect is wonderful when it comes to the installation portion, it works against water protection because it doesn’t allow you to create tight seams that would act as a defence against moisture. These gaps, combined with the fibreboard material, makes it impossible for laminate flooring to stand up to water and cause it to swell as soon as it comes into contact with it.

For these reasons, laminate flooring is not recommended for moist locations like basements and bathrooms because it is just not suitable. However, there is the option of placing a water resistant top layer to your laminate floors which may be okay if you do your best to install it with very tight seams. You must also be very careful with spills and mop them up immediately after they occur to reduce the chance of damage.

There are a few manufacturers who have eliminated the fibreboard core completely and replaced it with PVC, making it perfectly suitable for all the rooms in your home that deal with wetness. This means that you can have laminate flooring anywhere you like without fear of damage or having to replace it in a few short months.

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