Laminate flooring is made of manufactured hardwood and designed to look just like real wood. If you’re not sure whether or not this type of flooring is right for you, here are six reasons to help you see why laminate flooring is ideal for your home:

  1. Cost. Hardwood floors can cost a fortune but luckily, laminate floors are a lot more affordable and provide the same look as hardwood or marble. This means you can get the look you desire for a lot less. High price tags tend to turn homeowners away but laminate planks come in a variety of styles and colours to provide homeowners with the feel of hardwood at prices that are accessible. With laminate floors, you don’t have to break the bank to get what you want.
  2. Versatility. Laminate can be installed in any room of a home, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room. The same cannot be said of hardwood because it cannot handle moisture, making it unsuitable for certain spaces. High-quality laminates are available and because they are moisture resistant, you are not limited in terms of where they can be installed. 
  3. Durability. This is a very important aspect because you want flooring that can withstand the chaos of a home, especially in high traffic areas. You don’t want to worry about damage and replacements, and laminate flooring is built to last. High-quality laminate is meant to last 15-20 years so you can enjoy your home without constantly having to worry.
  4. Low maintenance. Laminate floors are very easy to clean, meaning it’s headache free. You can sweep, vacuum and wipe easily and you don’t have to do it every day, only when you feel the need to. Special cleaning products, equipment or techniques are not required and taking care of your floors will be very easy.
  5. Family-Friendly choice. Laminate floors have the ability to resist mold and bacteria and because these harmful elements cannot build-up and remain on your floors, you will always have a healthy environment that you and your family can enjoy. Allergies are another thing you will not have to worry about, making laminate a safe choice.
  6. Easy to install. The process of installation is not only simple but fast and many homeowners complete the project on their own. It’s important to note that you should not attempt it on your own unless you feel extremely confident because mistakes will waste time, effort and money.

Leaving flooring jobs to professionals is always recommended because it guarantees that the job will be done right. The Builders Club in Surrey can help with all of your flooring needs, including hardwood, so give them a call today!