A common question regarding electric fireplaces is whether or not they give off heat. Many people think that they do not, which is false.

The truth is that the majority of electric fireplace models have an integrated heater which provides enough heat to remove the chill from a small area and provide the perfect amount of heat. One of the advantages of an electric fireplace is that the flames can be turned on with or without the heater, meaning you will never need to overheat a room in order to enjoy a fire. This means you can use and enjoy your electric fireplace anytime you want, all year round, which is quite different than a gas fireplace that only produces heat when turned on.

Another advantage that electric fireplaces offer is that the heat is not generated by combustion, meaning there is nothing that is burning inside. The flames that you see are just an illusion created by the lights, so there is zero risk of carbon monoxide entering your home. Not having to worry about a carbon monoxide leak is a huge bonus and you won’t require a vent or a chimney on your fireplace. This is quite different when compared to a gas fireplace which burns fossil fuels and can produce carbon monoxide and requires a vent leading to the outside.

As there is no vent leading to the outside, all of the heat that is produced will stay in the room, making electric fireplaces 100% efficient compared to a gas fireplace that loses anywhere from 20-30% of the heat produced because of the vent.

Lastly, electric fireplaces will not only provide you with enough heat, but they are also very safe for kids and pets because the glass portion will never get hot. If a person were to accidentally touch it, they would not experience a burn, so you can enjoy your fireplace without the fear of anyone getting hurt.

Electric fireplaces are perfect for heating the most used rooms in your home and providing you with the perfect level of comfort that you desire. They will not overheat the rest of your home, so you can stay warm without worrying about you and your home being uncomfortably hot. The Builders Club in Surrey can help provide more information on electric fireplaces, as well as hardwood and laminate flooring, so give them a call today!