It’s common for mistakes to happen when you’re building a new home. There are several factors that can go wrong, many of which can increase your budget unexpectedly. To prevent some of those mistakes from happening, here are six common blunders to avoid.

Lighting Matters

When picking out which lighting fixtures will go where, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t underestimate how much lighting you’ll need. Have enough lights installed during the building process, as adding lights after the project is complete can be a bit of a pain, especially for inexperienced homeowners.

An Unused Room?

You want to make sure that every room you have built into your home has a purpose. Does splitting the basement in half to include a home gym make sense? If not, then you probably shouldn’t go for it. During the design process, ask yourself whether or not you will truly use certain rooms. If the answer is no, then see if that space can be added to other rooms around it.

Kitchen Conveniences

If you like to host gatherings, then you might want to consider merging the kitchen and the living room into an open concept. You don’t want to come out of the whole process and not like the closed-off feel the kitchen has from the rest of the home. Or maybe you want the kitchen to be close to the main entrance so it’s not a long trip to carry groceries from one end to the other.

Bedroom Locations

Sleep is an important facet of everyone’s daily life, so where you have your bedroom set up is crucial. You’ll need a location in the floorplan that’s quiet and doesn’t attract much foot traffic. Have someone who comes home late from work every night? Then don’t have your bedroom set up by the front door or over the garage. Are you on a busy road? Then have your bedroom built as far away as possible.

Keep Your Priorities at the Forefront

Don’t let other people talk you into changing your mind regarding something you really want, especially if what they’re suggesting will increase your overall budget. Unless it’s related to structural issues or timing, don’t let anyone talk you out of design elements you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Plan for Delays

It can be stressful when something in your renovation has been delayed for a few days or weeks. However, that’s all a part of building or renovating a home. It’s incredibly common to experience delays multiple times throughout the job, whether it’s because materials were back-ordered or mistakes were made in placing orders. Whatever the case, leave some wiggle room when scheduling deliveries.


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